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Hello everyone! So I know I've been a little MIA recently but I have exams at the moment and exams equals revision which doesn't leave me much time to post.

Anyway today I have something very awesome to share with you! To celebrate the release of the next instalment in Darren Shan's amazing Zom-B series; Zom-b Mission, I have an mega cool interview to share! In fact a couple of years ago I have the pleasure of meeting Darren so being able to do this interview to celebrate this new book was actually really fun and exciting for me!

Moving on, I don't want to keep you waiting so without further ado, here is the interview!

1. What was you inspiration behind this series? 
I wanted to write about racism and the abuse of power in the early 21st century, but I wanted to come
at it in a roundabout way, not write it as a straight-up issues book. I felt I might reach more readers if I made the issues part of a wider, thrilling, exciting, horrifc storyline, rather than focus on the…